20 Nov – Prof Andrew Bowie

A_BowieOn 20 November, Professor Andrew Bowie, Professor of Philosophy and German at Royal Holloway, University of London will discuss three of the twentieth century’s most significant (anti)philosophers, Martin Heidegger, Ludwig Wittgenstein, and T.W. Adorno, in a talk titled, ‘Antiphilosophy.’ The talk will explain their philosophies and explore the consequences of their approaches.

Professor Andrew Bowie’s main research interests with core issues in modern philosophy, particularly those explored by the German tradition from Kant to the present. He does not see the philosophical issues in question as separable from other key cultural responses to the problems of the modern world, and has written extensively about music and literature as well as philosophy. His recent book, Adorno and the Ends of Philosophy, is available from Polity. Lastly, he is also a jazz saxophonist.

Event Details:

More Information:
Professor Andrew Bowie – Profile
Adorno and the Ends of Philosophy – Polity
Andy Bowie – SoundCloud


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