4 Dec – Prof Anne Sheppard

Anne_SheppardOn 4 December, Professor Anne Sheppard, Professor of Ancient Philosophy at Royal Holloway, University of London, will present ‘The use of imagery in philosophy:  Plotinus as a case study.’ Her paper will explore the role imagery plays in philosophy and whether it compliments  or substitutes argument by examining a few texts by Plotinus, a Greek philosopher writing in the 3rd century AD, in which the structure of the world is compared to the ordered variety of dramatic performance.

Professor Sheppard, whose research interests centre around the interaction between philosophy and literature, and includes neoplatonism, neoplatonic psychology and philosophy of mind, as well as ancient and modern aesthetics, has just finished her forthcoming book, The Poetics of Phantasia:  Imagination in Ancient Aesthetics (Bloomsbury Academic, 2014).

Event Details

More Information:
Prof Anne Sheppard Profile
The Poetics of Phantasia: Imagination in Ancient Aesthetics – Bloomsbury


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