26 Feb – Dr Nathaniel C̶o̶l̶e̶m̶a̶n̶

Dr Nathaniel Coleman (UCL) will give a talk on his paper ‘What is wrong with [R.M. Hare’s argument against] slavery’. The paper can be accessed at Academia.edu. For further reading, RM Hare’s ‘What is wrong with slavery’ can be accessed at JSTOR.

Dr Nathaniel Coleman is a Research Associate in the Philosophy of Race at University College London. He is a descendant of enslaved and emancipated ‘Negroes’ in Jamaica, born and bred in Birmingham, educated at Oxford (Double First, in Greats), Paris (Entente Cordiale Scholar), and Michigan (MA and PhD, in Philosophy). Nathaniel is a philosopher, working in ethical, moral, social, and political philosophy, with a focus on the gendered and racialised injustice of slavery. He seeks to show that the Philosophy of Slavery is relevant to contemporary political questions in Britain, in the Commonwealth, and in the rest of the world by demonstrating it (1) through a critical study of R. M. Hare’s essay ‘What is wrong with slavery’, (2) in a monograph entitled ‘Why was Negro Slavery wrong?: British disutility, French disrespect, or Negro disrepute?’, and (3) by co-editing, with Dr Simon Roberts-Thomson, a new anthology of essays on the ‘Philosophy of Slavery Since the Century of Emancipations’.

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