12 Mar – Dr John Latsis

dr-john-latsisOn 12 March, Dr John Latsis (Oxford/Reading) will present his paper, ‘A model intervenes: the many faces of moral hazard’ at 17:00 in FW101.

The paper creates a new understanding of how mainstream economic modelling affects reality in a variety of social situations (e.g. workers compensation, bank regulation, and the euro crisis) by discussing important issues in the methodology and ontology of economics related to the social sciences.

The paper can be accessed free for RHUL on campus or via CampusAnywhere at Oxford Journals.

Dr John Latsis is a Research Fellow in Economics at St Peter’s College, Oxford and a Lecturer in Organisational Behaviour at Henley Business School, University of Reading. His research interests are in social theory and economic philosophy and cover questions about the nature of conventional behaviour and rule following in social life, the influence of theory on economic action, and the socio-economic dimensions of human need. His recent publications include articles in the Cambridge Journal of Economics, the Journal of Institutional Economics and the British Journal of Sociology. Dr Lastis is also an editor of Economic Thought, a journal published by the World Economics Association that focuses on the philosophy, methodology and history of economics.

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