Morality and Motivation

Morality and Motivation

Bob Brecher, from the University of Brighton will be giving a talk on ‘Morality and Motivation’.

Morality is nothing if not active. So the central obstacle to any cognitivist account is Hume’s insistence that reason can’t motivate action. Having introduced the problem, I go on to attempt to dissolve it by arguing that we do not need to be motivated to act in order to do so, since we are already, and fundamentally, agents. That we act, then, whether in a moral or in some other context, does not require reasons. Rather, it is our acting like this or like that that requires reasons; and there being such reasons is all the explanation we need for particular actions. Motivation drops out of the picture altogether, and moral cognitivism escapes Hume’s objection.

The talk will take place at Founder’s West, Room 101 at 17:00 on the 21st of October.


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