They have escaped the weight of darkness: the problem space of Michel Serres

They have escaped the weight of darkness: the problem space of Michel Serres

Michel Serres, French Philosopher and Author. Works that have been translated into english include Mathematical Anamneses, Streams and the Origin of Geometry. For further information on his works, click here.

Michel Serres’ work, spanning over forty years, follows a particular trajectory: from the formal philosophy, to that which lies in the realms of literature and poetry.

Steven Connor (2009) has described this trajectory as driven by the interplay between notions of the ‘hard’ and the ‘soft’. To this can be added a dynamic of the ‘ecstatic’ and the ‘apocalyptic’.

Taken together, these two sets of relations unfold a problem space in which to think what Serres claims as the inherent violence in human relations, and the manner in which this results in a progressive estrangement from the ecological (or ‘Biogea’).

The talk, given by Dr. Steve Brown, will try to map the contours of this problem space, with particular reference to its relationship to contemporary social science concerns around value, transition, connectivity and the transition to the Anthropocene.

Three tendencies can be situated in this space:

  1. Parasitism
  2. Disconnection/Detachment
  3. Mixing/Mingling

Dr. Brown will discuss the relative merits of these tendencies as intellectual strategies for engaging with pressing contemporary socio-ecological concerns. The talk will take place in Founder’s West, Room 101 on the 11th on November at 17:00.

Sited sources:

“Michel Serres – Espace des sciences – 15-02-2011” by Espace des sciences – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons –


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