The Royal Holloway Philosophy Society was founded in 2013. The society aims to foster an inclusive, burgeoning philosophical community at the Royal Holloway. To do so, we host a variety of events including:

  • Guest lectures with wine reception
  • Philosophy Phursdays: a Reading Group hosted every Thursday.
  • Kant to Hegel and Mind and World workshops.
  • Inter-societal student-led talks and workshops on philosophical topics of interest to other student societies.

To participate, we charge an annual membership of £5 which can be purchased on the SURHUL website.

Committee 2015-2016

President: Daniela Sanchez Rios
Secretary: Thomas Manning
Treasurer: Ailbhe Warde-Brown

Committee 2014-2015

President: Paul Geerligs
Secretary: Cathal O’Driscoll
Treasurer: Sam Pickering

We give special thanks to the Royal Holloway’s Department of Politics and International Relations and Philosophy for their generous support.

Image above: (cc) by Atatiwa.